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For the Moment

Titley The Shave II

The ability to create tools has been a key factor in the evolution of the human species. This project, For the Moment, emerges from explorations of how we shape our behaviour through the use of our personal technology. With our smartphones in particular, we are able to maintain a presence in the online virtual space regardless of the physical space we inhabit.
Our new technology enables us to connect and share, so no longer do we remain passive consumers of imagery but we actively construct imagery along with words to index our physical existence in the virtual space. We can now easily jump from the physical world to the virtual world through the scan of a code with our phones.
As the use of these new tools becomes normalised we define new social practice. Once, when people gathered together, they shared the same experience. Today in such group situations we will talk to people who are present, but we might also spend some time interacting with others who are not present. We are likely to fragment the time we spend with others by attending to our virtual life and not always being “in the moment” with those around us.
The digital camera in all its formats is a key tool of the new technological era. In making For the Moment I have taken the opportunity to look at some aspects of photography that are changing as a result of the evolving digital medium. This includes time as a characteristic of the photograph, the genre of the tableau in presenting social comment, manipulating digital images and using technology to create multi-media work. With this last aspect I endeavour to bring elements from outside the frame into the work itself.

For the Moment has been on show at Thought Atlas the MA Show 2013 at The Cass.

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